Frequently Asked Questions

What currency is used on the website?

The prices on the website are listed in either CAD or USD based on your location. There's a currency selector at the bottom of the website if you'd like to change the currency or confirm which currency is being shown.

Can the jewelry be worn in the shower?

Yes! All of our jewelry is made with high-quality materials such as sterling silver and gold-fill, so it can be worn in the shower.

What is gold-fill?

Gold-fill is your best option after solid gold for quality and durability. Gold-filled jewelry is created by pressure bonding multiple layers of solid gold to another metal, resulting in a durable real gold product. The jewelry is more affordable than solid gold but has the same look and desirable properties as solid gold; it won't tarnish and can be worn without worry of allergic reaction by those who are sensitive to certain metals.

What is the difference between gold-filled and gold-plated?

The layer of solid gold is significantly thicker in gold-filled jewelry and the gold is attached in a way that is much more durable.